Why Choose Bel-Air Exteriors

You’ve heard the commercials, seen the ads, and now are more confused than ever. Who can you call to specify and install quality windows and doors that will solve your challenges, while staying within the aesthetics and architecture of your home or multi-residential building?


That’s a good question. Most people go with someone they hear on the radio or TV. These companies may be well known, but that doesn’t always translate into quality work. At Bel-Air Exteriors, we have been treating our customers like valued family members since 1997. Our team—from our sales staff to our installation technicians—take great care in their quest to find you the windows and doors you want and need as well as finding the most cost-effective and maintenance free way to install those products.


What Qualities Should the Window and Door Installation Company Have?


Here are just a few of the many traits you should look for in a company selling and installing windows and doors. The company you choose should:


  • Be established. Bel-Air Exteriors has been serving Southern California since 1997, and we’re not going anywhere.

  • Not be beholden to any one manufacturer. Bel-Air doesn’t work with just one manufacturer; we work with several to get you the best possible quality and pricing.

  • Be able to create custom orders upon request. We can specify any window or door that you’d like. And because we have a contractor’s license we can even do small construction projects such as widening or narrowing doorways or window openings.

  • Put the customer, not the sale, first. At Bel-Air Exteriors, we warranty our work. If you ever have a problem, contact us, and we’ll come over to see if we can fix it.

  • Be up to date with all the building codes and regulations. At Bel-Air we do everything by the book.

  • Be willing to pull any and all permits for the job. You should never have to waste your time waiting in line at a government office. We do that for you.

  • Put your mind at ease. Deciding to purchase windows or doors is a difficult enough. Getting this done should not be your job; it is ours.


At Bel-Air, we understand that installing windows and doors can be costly, but it's even more expensive when it isn’t done the first time correctly. Be sure that your final decision is based on a quality product and not on its cost. We’ll give you all the information you need. Don’t be deceived by advertising that implies that one product works for every situation; it does not. That’s why we sit down with you and discuss your wants, needs and the desired functionality of the windows or doors before we talk about a specific product or cost. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products. That’s what makes us different from our competition.


At Bel-Air Exteriors, we provide Bel-Air quality at Van Nuys prices.

Call Bel-Air Exteriors today and find out how to keep your home’s interior dry, comfortable and looking beautiful.