It’s the Bel-Air Exteriors Service That Makes All the Difference

Bel-Air Exteriors has been serving Southern California since 1997, providing quality windows and doors to homeowners and managers of multi-residential dwellings. We don’t only sell windows and doors. We identify your challenges—leakage, sound issues, climate controlthrough careful inspection of your home.


At Bel-Air Exteriors, we never leave you in the dark. Our highly-trained technicians work with you to determine your needs. We explore the products that are available in the market and decide what will work for your situation, your budget, and your style. And, if there isn’t a mass manufactured product that will fix your problem, we’ll help you customize one.


Your One-Stop Shop for Windows and Doors


Besides our extraordinary bed-side manner, we pride ourselves on the care and preciseness we give to our window and door installations. Not only do we specify the exact measures for replacement windows and doors, but we can also create, narrow or widen any aperture, as we hold a contractor’s license. We’ll even frame it and pull the permits. What do you have to do? Sit back and contemplate the many hours of quiet and pleasure you will reap with your purchase.


Our work is warranted so even after you’ve enjoyed your windows or doors for awhile and something needs an adjustment or isn’t working quite right, we want you to call us. One of our expert technicians will come out and look at the problem, and if we can fix it, we will.

Bel-Air Exteriors will specify, order, and install your windows and doors. Contact us today.